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2013 Essay Winners

Congratulations to the 2013 Essay Winners!

Listed below you can click on the student’s name to view the winning essays in .pdf format. 

6th Grade Essay Winners

 May, Sophia - TJ Walker Middle  


Wery, Paul - Holy Trinity 

7th Grade Winner


Kozak, Derek - Washburn 


Lazorik, Michael - Washburn  


8th Grade Winners

Meeker, Emma - Washburn  

Schlosser, Ambree - Durand High  

9th Grade Winners

Agar, Lyndsey - Bowler High  

Steiner, Clay - Red Cedar Environmental  

10th Grade Winners

Abramson, Sarah - Durand High  

Busche, Jack - Stratford High  


11th Grade Winners

Conville, Serena - Pittsville High  

Polzer, Marisa - Durand High  

12th Grade Winners

Gehrke, Katie - Muskego High  

Kaae, Tonisha - Prentice High