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Magazine Advertising and Fundraising Solicitation Programs

Dear Potential Advertiser and Sponsor Supporter:

You may be visiting this web page because you recently received an advertising or telephone fundraising call made on behalf of the Wisconsin Troopers Association (WTA)

You also may have made an advertising or individual sponsor pledge and received your pledge confirmation by mail or email.  A residential fundraising and WISCONSIN TROOPER magazine business advertising drive is currently being conducted, on our behalf, to help support our programs and services.  You should have received, by mail, email or fax, an individual sponsor receipt and letter or advertising receipt and letter similar to one of those below.


Credit card payments are accepted for your sponsorship contribution or advertising payment as described in the provided materials.


The mailing address for the processing of sponsorship donations is 1213 N. Sherman Avenue #700, Madison, WI  53704.


If there was a problem with the experience or you feel some additional action can be taken, please contact  1-800-274-0627 Ext. 47 for immediate assistance.


Again, thank you for your support.


Sincerely yours,

Ryan Zukowski
Executive Director, WTA